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Art Garvin

Adventurer and Endurance Rider

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BunBurner GOLD - 1500 miles in less than 24 hours!

I decided to attempt a BunBurner GOLD to the 2006 IBA Party in Jacksonville, Florida. The ride was sponsored by the Motorcycle Tourer’s Forum. Riders that chose their own ride were provided an end witness, validation, and then the MTF submitted the paperwork to the Iron Butt Association for certification. I have ridden in prior MTF sponsored endurance rides and can’t say enough about this fine group of folks that have been a great asset to the sport of endurance riding.

The BBG route:
Canton, OH - Charleston, WV – Louisville, KY – Nashville, TN – Chattanooga, TN – Tampa, FL – Jacksonville, FL

I asked Dick McKechnie, an IBA approved witness to verify my mileage for the start of the ride. Dick arrived on his recently purchased black ST1300.

The official start date: March 8, 2006
Time: 3:49 AM Eastern
Location: Circle K – 2640 Fulton Rd, - Canton, OH
Odometer: 50797
GPS: 0

It was a cold 26 degrees as I left Canton with the Gerbing Jacket Liner, Gloves, and Socks along with the heated grips cranked up. Other than being cold the ride down I-77 to Charleston was uneventful. Since I was making a turn in my route I needed to get a fuel receipt in Charleston before heading west on I-64.

Time: 6:24 AM Eastern
Location: Market Express BP – 335 Call Rd. - Charleston, WV
Odometer: 50989
GPS: 184.7

It started to get warmer as the sun rose in the east. Other than a crisp morning it was a beautiful day. I followed I-64 to I-264. Just before I-65 I exited and got gas in Louisville, KY.

Time: 9:57 AM Eastern
Location: Speedway - 4239 Poplar Level Rd. - Louisville, KY
Odometer: 51252
GPS: 437.6

I took longer at the stop in Louisville than I wanted to. I noticed it does not take long for the average speed on the GPS to drop when you are stopped however it takes much longer to build it back up once you start to move again. As I headed south on I-65 I was hoping I would not be delayed in Nashville. It seems every time I go through this city there are construction delays. I was able to cruise right through the Music City without incident. I took I-24 from Nashville to Chattanooga. Going through the mountain pass the speed limit dropped and the flow of traffic was staying at or below the posted speed limit. Just after getting on I-75 I stopped at the last exit in Tennessee to get fuel.

Time: 2:23 PM Eastern
Location: Shell – 6514 Ringgold Rd. - East Ridge (Chattanooga), TN
Odometer: 51572
GPS: 745.3

I had hoped to be through Atlanta before rush hour. This was my main concern on having delays during the entire ride. I got in the HOV lane and was able to keep moving until I got into the downtown area. It was 4:00 and after a brief slow pace I was moving south of Atlanta still ahead of schedule. I stayed in the saddle until I reached Valdosta.

Time: 7:15 PM Eastern
Location: Shell - 4593 N. Valdosta – Valdosta, GA
Odometer: 51914
GPS: 1073.6

Back on I-75 it was a great feeling to still be ahead of schedule entering the Sunshine State. With 400 miles to go I was 2 hours ahead of schedule. I stopped in Tampa before exiting onto I-4.

Time: 10:35 PM Eastern
Location: Amoco – 7202 E Fowler – Tampa, FL
Odometer: 52152
GPS: 1302.5

With 200 miles remaining I was feeling fantastic. I was excited to be on the final leg of the ride with plenty of time to spare. Other than a short construction delay in Orlando, I-4 was behind me and I was heading north on I-95. Just before St Augustine there was a deer on the edge of the road. It was the only live animal I had seen during the entire ride. Just before Jacksonville I took I-295 to San Jose Blvd. The gas station I had planned to finish at was closed. I continued a couple miles where I found a Gate gas station open. I had just completed my first BunBurner Gold with more than 2 hours to spare.

Date: March 9, 2006
Time: 1:44 AM Eastern
Location: Gate – 9540 San Jose Blvd – Jacksonville, FL
Odometer: 52372
GPS: 1514.0